1: "Roasted chickpeas: A crunchy snack high in fiber and protein."

2: "Kale chips: Packed with iron and antioxidants, a delicious and healthy choice."

3: "Trail mix: A mix of nuts and dried fruits, a perfect snack for energy boost."

4: "Edamame: High in protein and fiber, a nutritious and satisfying snack."

5: "Whole grain crackers: Rich in magnesium and fiber, a great snack option."

6: "Chia pudding: A tasty treat full of fiber, omega-3s, and minerals."

7: "Popcorn: A whole grain snack low in calories and high in fiber."

8: "Dark chocolate: A rich source of iron and antioxidants, a guilt-free indulgence."

9: "Hummus and veggies: A nutritious snack high in fiber, protein, and vitamins."