1: A plant-based diet may help cancer patients live longer, according to a recent study.

2: Research suggests that a plant-based diet could improve survival rates for those with cancer.

3: Studies show that plant-based diets may have a positive impact on cancer patients' health outcomes.

4: Choosing plant-based foods may increase longevity for individuals battling cancer, research shows.

5: Cancer patients may benefit from a plant-based diet, leading to potentially longer lifespans.

6: Plant-based diets may offer cancer patients a greater chance of survival, based on recent findings.

7: Research indicates that a plant-based diet may contribute to extended life expectancy in cancer patients.

8: A plant-based diet has the potential to help individuals with cancer live longer, according to a new study.

9: Incorporating plant-based foods into one's diet could increase survival rates among cancer patients, as demonstrated by research.