1: Introduction to the Dopamine Diet - Learn about Tom Kerridge's 12st weight loss journey.

2: Benefits of the Dopamine Diet - Discover how this diet can boost mood and aid in weight loss.

3: Foods to Eat on the Dopamine Diet - Explore the best foods to include in your meal plan.

4: Meal Ideas for the Dopamine Diet - Try delicious and satisfying recipes for success.

5: Tips for Success on the Dopamine Diet - Learn how to stay on track and reach your goals.

6: Exercise and the Dopamine Diet - Find out how physical activity plays a role in this eating plan.

7: Potential Risks and Considerations - Understand the limitations and risks of the Dopamine Diet.

8: Success Stories on the Dopamine Diet - Hear inspiring stories of weight loss and improved health.

9: Conclusion and Next Steps - Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle with the dopamine diet.